Our Mission

EPICOR (Estate Planning Institute of Collaborative Resources) is a regional wealth strategies collaborative.

Our mission is to transcend the traditional estate planning process by actively employing the experiences and talents of the EPICOR Fellows in designing, implementing and maintaining estate plans for their respective clients.

EPICOR Fellows are experienced estate planning attorneys. Each Fellow recognizes that the essence of effective estate planning is to address each client’s unique concerns through counseling and applying innovative solutions to those concerns.

EPICOR exists to promote superior, cutting-edge estate planning for clients. Through their collaborative expertise and knowledge,

EPICOR Fellows are able to work as a team to help their clients take advantage of estate planning opportunities needed to protect themselves and their loved ones.

EPICOR Fellows understand that the estate planning needs of each client are unique. Every plan is designed to meet each client’s individual estate planning hopes, dreams and aspirations.

EPICOR serves as a resource for the exchange of ideas and solutions, and acts as a venue for providing educational, mentoring, and training opportunities to advisors in the financial, insurance, legal and accounting professions. Fellows are also available to ensure continued service to their respective clients in the event of a Fellow’s disability or death.