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Wayne Wilson has served estate planning clients for over 30 years.  He saw the strong desire people have to know more.  Your Life, Your Legacy is written with you, the reader, in mind.  The more you understand about your options in estate planning, the more effective your plan will be.  In layman’s terms, this book explores the fundamentals of estate planning and the impact different choices can have on your plan. 

Your Life, Your Legacy provides insight into how you can protect yourself and provide for your loved ones during your lifetime as well as generations to come.  It is a must read for anyone preparing to plan for your future and a great review if you have a plan in place.

Ø      How can a living trust protect you during your lifetime?

Ø      How can you plan for the potential of disability?

Ø      What issues should you consider when planning for children?

Ø      How do state and federal estate tax laws affect your planning?

Ø      Are there special considerations for family owned businesses?

Ø      How can gifts to charities be used for your benefit?

Wayne W. Wilson is an attorney and counselor-at-law and the principal of Wilson Law Group, LLC, with offices in Madison and Evansville, Wisconsin.  His practice focuses on estate, business, and charitable planning.  Mr. Wilson frequently speaks to public and professional groups, including lecture engagements at the University of Wisconsin School of Business.  He is a member of the Illinois/Wisconsin Forum of Estate Planning Attorneys, National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys and Madison Estate Council.  Mr. Wilson is also a Fellow of EPICOR (Estate Planning Institute of Collaborative Resources) and co-author of Generations: Planning, Your Legacy.

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